Interview: Supercross' Courtney Tomei

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Courtney Where are you from?
Courtney: Moreno Valley, CA Wow, California is considered the Mecca for BMX racing. Do you think there is an advantage in coming from California?
Courtney: I would say so, everywhere you go there always a fast group of pros to ride and work with, which is great! How did you first get involved in BMX racing?
Courtney: I would have to say it was my brother who got me started, I hated just watching. Can you describe your first race day to the readers?
Courtney: Man my first race, I think was at Lake Perris, I just remember I was so nervous that my first round I crashed like three times, but still managed to get up and go! After the first round I thought to myself wow I can't believe I crashed three times and I'm back up here for the next round, and I think that's when I fell in love with this sport. How old were you?
Courtney: 12 years old. Fell in love, huh? Quite literally. When you fall off your bike these days is it just a reminder of how much you love it?
Courtney: Hahaha yes LITERALLY, and when I do fall off my bike, yes, it's a reminder of why I fell in love with this sport or else the first time I crashed I would have been done and never think about doing this again! Falling is just the territory to this sport got to love it or hate it. What's your worst injury from a crash?
Courtney: In racing I would have to say when I broke my collar bone, man that thing gave me hell! I had to go through 3 surgeries!!! =[ What was your first bike?
Courtney: Geezz first bike was probably a Redline. How old were you when you raced your first national?
Courtney: 13 years old Where was it?
Courtney: Lake Perris Fall Nationals Do you remember your result?
Courtney: I believe I didn't make it to my main. Were there more girls racing BMX then?
Courtney: I think in Am, yes there was. At what stage did you start to think "hey I'm getting good at this"?
Courtney: Probably when I was around 14, I was determined to be good! haha Did you train much at that stage?
Courtney: Umm, honestly I have never trained haha. My only training was riding the tracks and just having fun riding with other riders. What's your favourite track?
Courtney: I don't just have one favorite track, but I would have to say Whittier, Lake Perris, Apple Valley and Chula Vista. Do you ride trails or skate parks?
Courtney: I used to ride trails a little when I was younger, skate parks I stay clear! hahahaha What's your fondest BMX memory?
Courtney: I would have to Salt Lake City National. I forget what year, but I think it's when they had the Dew Tour or some weird thing going on when we were having the national, but anyways it was after racing and we would zipp tie people in the bathrooms with the big zip ties and run, or course getting caught! haha it was just soo funnny to see peoples faces and reactions when they came out. What was your best overall finish as an amateur?
Courtney: I would say winning the ABA worlds in Reno

Courtney When did you turn pro?
Courtney: I think 2006. What was it that made you take the plunge?
Courtney: I wanted to push myself to a harder limit, even though I knew I wasn't going to make a couple of mains I knew it was going to push me harder. Have you raced outside of the US?
Courtney: Yes, only two times though, in Korea and Australia. I plan on many more though. Oh Korea's big International race at the start of this year? How was that? The track looked...interesting.
Courtney: Yes it was that race! And it was a very good experience to race that event and so much fun! YES the track was soo weird, small jumps that were like triangles no bank in the turns and it was like cement! What was your result there?
Courtney: I took 5th overall It was like a pro feature race wasn't it? Were there other classes racing?
Courtney: Yes it was, and it was elite men and elite women. Was there much of a crowd?
Courtney: Yeah I would say it was a pretty big crowd! I mean the whole side that they had bleachers on were filled! Was your Australian visit the 2009 UCI Worlds?
Courtney: Yes it was, first out of country worlds event too! What did you think of the racing at Adelaide?
Courtney: I LOVED IT! I actually love Australia! How did you end up?
Courtney: One point from Semis, I crashed.. haha Did you get to do any sight seeing, pat a Koala or anything like that?
Courtney: Yes I did! I love KOALAs they're soo cute, but stinky!! And sight seeing yes, we flew in a week before and stayed in Sydney for three days! It's beautiful there!! How would you rate the Aussie BMXers?
Courtney: Just as talented as the USA riders and everyone else! If there was anywhere in the world you could go to race, no budget, where would you choose, and why?
Courtney: I would either say Australia or Japan because those are really two beautiful places to ride and travel. When you travel do you get a chance to take a look at the cities that you race in?
Courtney: Yes...well at least I try to. Did you ride any other track when you were in Australia?
Courtney: Yes I did, it's called the The COVE, that track is rad! What did you like most about it?
Courtney: The second straight, it made you work! Nice view of the ocean huh?
Courtney: Yes very nice! We kinda stayed like 5 min from there at a beach house for the worlds! It was amazing! Would you consider yourself approachable?
Courtney: I would say so! Do you do any coaching?
Courtney: Sometimes I do clinics, but other than just help around whenever someone asks. Do you get a lot of riders ask for pointers?
Courtney: Yes How are you able to help them out?
Courtney: With all the info that I have learned in the past and my experiences.

Courtney Tomei What do you enjoy most about BMX racing?
Courtney: I enjoy the competition, meeting new people, and just being on my bike and having fun with it. Do you spend more time on your bike or in the gym?
Courtney: I would say bike for sure. Do you think it's more important to spend time at the gym or just enjoy riding?
Courtney: I think its more important to just enjoy your riding, because if you're constantly in the gym worrying about the next race and worrying about your need to be faster, then you're probably not having that much fun with it and always going to be worn out to go out and just enjoy riding after. I don't know, I just enjoy being on my bike more than the gym and looks where it's taking me haha. I know I'm not always podium, but I'm just having fun out there. Who's the most famous person you have met through BMX?
Courtney: CREW JONES ahaha =] That's cool, did you get his autograph?
Courtney: No, better, I got a hand shake! haha What are your favourite websites?
Courtney: hahaha,,, (I like updates)

Supercross BMX Who are your current sponsors?
Courtney: Supercross, Speedline, No Fear, Alienation, DVS, and ODI When did you get picked up by Supercross?
Courtney: I would have to say 2 years ago now, going on my third soon. Did you have a sponsor before SX?
Courtney: When I came back from my injury no I didn't, but I'm glad or else I would have never got on such a great team. What's different about the Supercross team?
Courtney: It's like one big happy family, no pressure at any race, which is AMAZING. What's it like to work for Supercross?
Courtney: AWESOME! I love working here! What is your job there?
Courtney: Sales Did you always want to get involved in sales or did the job just fall into your lap?
Courtney: Well it kinda just fell in my lap, but now being here for a couple of months made me realize I want to push this company forward and make it grow into something big! Were you living in the Apple Valley area before you started working for SX?
Courtney: Nope, and still don't, I live an hour away from there. Doesn't the commute get to you after a while? That's 2 more hours a day you could be riding your bike?
Courtney: Nope not at all, because at the end of the day I'm still riding my bike for a couple of hours!

Courtney Do you ever get sick of spending all week at work then all weekend with some of the same people?
Courtney: Nope, it's a great working environment. Can you describe the office to the readers?
Courtney: Its one big office with one separate room, that is mine and Sammy Cools'! ha the girls get there own office! Can you describe the people you work with, what they do, their personalities, etc.
Courtney: I would say I love them all, and everyone has a great personality! So that makes work fun! What frame are you racing now?
Courtney: I'm racing my ENVY PRO XL, custom purple to fade blue. Oh yeah, I have seen that it looks sweet. Did you choose the colours yourself?
Courtney: Yes I did! Just wait 'til you see the next one!! What parts do you have on your bike?
Courtney: I have the Pro LT forks, Speedline sealed bearing integrated in black, Supercross racerhead front load 48mm in purple anodize, Supercross Pro LT bars, The Niffty Sammy Cools Signature breaks with the carbon lever, Speedline seat clamp, Supercross pro saddle, 175mm Supercross sinner 2 cranks, Speedline clip pedals (AMAZING) alienations insurgent rims with Supercross 36 hole black hub, and the Supercross blue streak tires. I have seen those new Speedline clip pedals, how do they differ to other pedals you have used?
Courtney: I feel more locked into the pedal which I love, it also has no play!!

Girl Pro How tough is it to make a name for yourself in the Girl Pro class right now?
Courtney: Man, right now to make a name in the girl pro class is pretty hard. I mean when you have the heavy hitters such as Alise Post and Dominquie Daniels that's all you see. Just them two always battling and getting the coverage everywhere. Which is good but the main focus would be on those two girls. So I would say it is REAL hard to make a name. haha How do you think you can get yourself some of that action?
Courtney: Actually training! haha How long have you been in the class for?
Courtney: I would say four years now. What's your best overall finish as a Girl Pro?
Courtney: 2nd at the ABA worlds in Ontario, CA. Have you seen a lot of change in such a small period of time?
Courtney: YES! It's crazy, but it's soo good for girls to better themselves because it makes us women pro have to work harder to stay on top. Is there enough sponsorship for Girl Pros to help them live their dreams racing BMX?
Courtney: Nope Do you think that will ever change?
Courtney: I have no clue, I'm wishing it will, but I highly doubt it. Do you think there is something that you can do to change it?
Courtney: Not really! haha Ok, let me ask that question again. You are in sales, tell me if you would have to "sell" girl pro to someone how would you do it?
Courtney: I would do it how Bill Ryan does, just promote them everywhere. I think that's what your trying to say! ahaha Who are your biggest rivals?
Courtney: Honestly everyone. Everyone works so hard these days to be up there and its always a consistent battle at every race now, which is sick! What's your best finish this season?
Courtney: 3rd in Rockford this season What are your goals?
Courtney: Just to be in every main (and to get those podiums), keep my head on my shoulders and just have fun with the sport. Do you have Olympics ambitions?
Courtney: It would just be wonderful to try and make it, it would be one of my biggest accomplishments! Have you had any involvement in Olympic development camps?
Courtney: Yes last year, this year they really haven't been doing them. Have you stepped up your own training since the Olympics are only 2 years away?
Courtney: hahaha, umm no, but I'm working on that! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Courtney: Still riding whether it's BMX racing, road biking or Mt. biking. But then also working with Supercross and growing with it. Do you do a lot of road or MTB riding now?
Courtney: I do none of them now. I'm starting four cross next season, and getting my road bike in soon so I will be doing both a lot! How many riders race Girl Pro week to week?
Courtney: Honestly I have no clue, I'm sure it varies. At a guess would you say 2 or 3 gates?
Courtney: yeah, probably 2 full gates, lately we just have been gettting 16 riders, one off of semis! ggrr What do you think can be done to increase that?
Courtney: Try to promote the girls more than guys. haha Which riders did you look up to when you were coming through the ranks?
Courtney: I would say for girl pros, Jaime Lily and Jill Kitner. Guys: Clint Lambert

Courtney Tomei

Music What music do you listen to?
Courtney: I listening to anything basically! I'm all around in that department What do you think of Neil Young?
Courtney: I'm kinda too young to really know who he is, but I know growing up my mom was IN LOVE with his music, hahah. Ok, so for the first time ever I'm feeling old. Say hi to your mum for me, she's obviously a woman with good taste. What's the latest CD you bought?
Courtney: haha alright I will tell her you said YOOOO. And the latest CD, humm I don't really buy CDs anymore since I just download whatever and send it to the Ipod!

The End Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Courtney: SUPERCROSS for everything, and of course my family for supporting me in this sport and putting in the effort to take me places.


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